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Men's Ministries

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Men's Ministries

Departmental Chairperson:  David Deranamie

Mission Statement: The Men’s Ministries Department exists to assist men in the development of integrity, intimacy, identity, and influence by deepening their spiritual bond with Christ and their fellowman.

  1. Establish the character of Christ as the standard to which we attain
  2. Foster a true bond and a sense of trust amongst the men of the church
  3. Enlighten all members on the role of men in the church and in the home
  4. Establish the principle of leadership through service in the church, home, and society in general

Men doing ministry with and for men and the community--that's what Men's Ministries is all about. We are about more than the traditional service club, "knife and fork" kind of meetings. Not that those don't have a place. They do, but Men's Ministries is just what its title says: about ministry.