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If you know of anyone in need of prayer, sick or shut in, please submit their name to one of the Clerks to be included in the church bulletin.


Announcements for the bulletin must be submitted to the church clerk at no later than Tuesday. Please speak to one of the Clerks regarding information about baby blessings, church membership transfers, visitation requests, or baptismal requests.

         About the iFollow Discipleship Resource- As the North American Division
         researched resource needs at the local church level, we were told, year after year,
         that the greatest need was for a discipleship resource that came specifically from the
         Adventist Church. Churches attempting discipleship training were experiencing
         "pushback" from members on the content in off-the-shelf discipleship training mateials
         from Christian suppliers, and were requesting products that reflected more completely
         the distinctive character of Adventism.

         We didn't want to be reactionary in approach or to produce a product that was merely
         copied from what others were doing, with an Adventist name on it. We wanted to
         respond with a quality product that would bring unique value to churches. So, we set
         out on the long journey to create one - a journey that included advisory groups,
         committees of pastors, writers and editors- and then a lot of work.

         A Six-Year Process
 Developing a comprehensive and representative discipleship resource was not something
         to be done quickly or haphazardly. We knew that a "better" resource wouldn't just be one
         that threw in a few Adventist terms, here and there, but that was, indeed, more useful to
         pastors and other church leaders. The process of developing what has come to be know
         as iFollow was a long and ardous one. It took us a full six years to get a broadly based
         set of discipleship training "lessons" -over one hundred of them -and to design the needed
         additional resource elements that would reflect and to design the needed additional
         resource elements that would reflect both the needs and the values of Adventism, in a      
         comprehensive manner.

         Accomplishing all this, demanded some great partners in development, which included
         several key groups. These included the Center for Creative Ministry, Mind Over Media,
         SermonView, the iFollow Taskforce, and our team here at the NAD Church Resources
         Center- widely known as Vervent.
         (Resource - 




Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children. -E. G. White (True Education p. 12)

Lamb’s Offering will be collected weekly before the Children’s Story by our children in support of Christian Education. Please remember to give a generous offering.  


Counseling Resources - You may find some information at the Southern New England Conference (SNEC) website at and then click on dept/ministries, then family life ministries, then counseling resources.


  • Health Nugget - Child Nutrition
    A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. It also helps prevent obesity and weight-related diseases, such as diabetes. The following guidelines will help you give your child a nutritious diet:
    • Offer five servings of  fruits and vegetables daily
    • Choose lealthy souces of protein, such as lean meat, nuts and eggs
    • Serve whole-grain breads and cereals because they are high in fibers
    • Broil, grill or steam foods instead og frying them
    • Limit fast food and junk food
    • Offer water and milk instead of sugary fruit drinks and sodas

    Learn about your children's nutrient requirements. Some of them, such as the requirements for iron and calcium, change as your child ages.

     Dear friend, I pray that you are doing well in every way and that you are healthy, just as your soul is healthy.” 1 John 1:2
                 The Vegetarian Store is also open for your convenience. Please see Deputy Director
                 Myrna Campbell-Claxton or any Pathfinder Staff for your purchases.
Updated: Mar 21, 2014